Program of Study

The Women's Studies minor is a 21 credit hour program (7 courses) that prepares students to gain an awareness of women's issues, to understand how social constructions of gender and sexuality affect and have shaped daily experience, broader social structures, institutions, social relations, and cultural and aesthetic production. 

Program Outline

  • Women's Studies foundation (choose one course):
    • HIST X290 Women in American History
    • PHIL U241 Philosophical Perspectives on Women
    • SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender
    • WMST A100 Women, Culture, and Society
  • Women's Studies electives (choose six eligible courses from three disciplines)

Program Resources

New Courses

In addition to the courses listed on the Women's Studies tracking sheet, the following course(s) offered in 2014 Spring will also count towards the Women's Studies minor:

ENGL H295 Renaissance Home Economics (3 crs. / Honors course)

In Renaissance ideas of economy, the art of household management served as a model for other forms of political and material organization, including commonwealths and empires. This course traces these models of economy through the literature of the period. Reading across genres—from houswifery manuals to history plays, and from pastoral to epic poetry—we will focus on how the management of resources is connected to moral and political discourses, born out in hierarchies of gender, class, and race.

POLS A494 Gender and Global Politics (3 crs.)

This course aims to familiarize students with the main theories and debates about gender and sexuality in order to highlight citizenship as a gendered, sexed, and raced phenomenon. This course analyzes individuals' claims for citizenship in a variety of contexts, the limitations and struggle to challenge the ideological, political, and material conditions for citizenship, and the role of international actors, social movements, and formal politics.