Course Descriptions

The following courses are eligible for the Medieval Studies minor.

Classical Studies | Full course descriptions

  • CLHU U256 Pagans and Christians
  • CLHU U270 The Later Roman Empire 

English | Full course descriptions

  • ENGL A217 Reading Historically I
  • ENGL A340 Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
  • ENGL A341 Chaucer: Troilus and Other Poems
  • ENGL-A316 Medieval Survey
  • ENGL A424 Medieval Drama
  • ENGL A475 Great Figures (when Medieval topic is offered)
  • ENGL U287 Martyrs, Minstrels, Mystics
  • ENGL U288 Vikings: Warrior Poets
  • ENGL U289 Chaucer and His World
  • ENGL U297 Heroes and Monsters
  • ENGL U299 Arthurian Legend

French | Full course descriptions

  • FREN A320 Culture and Civilization I

History | Full course descriptions

  • HIST-A288 History of the Middle East I
  • HIST A304 Early Christianity
  • HIST A305 Medieval Crime and Community
  • HIST A306 Middle Ages
  • HIST A307 Saints and Demons in Medieval Europe
  • HIST-A381 English History to 1688
  • HIST-A394 Medicine in Ancient/Medieval Worlds
  • HIST W240 Between Eve and Mary: Women in Medieval Europe
  • HIST W255 Medieval Sex and Gender
  • HIST W256 The Crusades
  • HIST-T122 Creating Medieval Monsters (First-Year Seminar)

Latin | Full course descriptions

  • LATN A430 Latin of Late Antiquity
  • LATN A435 Medieval Latin

Music General | Full course descriptions

  • MUGN U271 Medieval Music and Mysticism

Philosophy | Full course descriptions

  • PHIL A405 History of Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL A408 Thomas Aquinas
  • PHIL U270 Philosophy and Religion in the Middle Ages
  • PHIL-U294 Death and Philosophy
  • PHIL W249 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

Religious Studies | Full course descriptions

  • RELS A200 Early Christian Thought
  • RELS A201 Medieval Christian Thought
  • RELS U285 Heretics & Heresy
  • RELS-U386 Medieval Synthesis

Spanish | Full course descriptions

  • SPAN A310 Survey of Spanish Literature

Visual Arts | Full course descriptions

  • VISA U230 Medieval Art
  • VISA U243 The Art & History of the Book