Legal Studies

Welcome to Legal Studies

The study of law and justice is built on a long and diverse heritage, deeply rooted in the study of the humanities. Law is central to everything we do in life, and in many ways it defines who we are as a people. In keeping with the Jesuit tradition, the goal of this program is to encourage a sustained reflection on fundamental values.

This interdisciplinary minor program allows students the freedom to sample from a wide variety of courses to pursue specific interests within the organizing framework of the law. This program has four overarching objectives:

  • Provide students with a broad knowledge of various judicial systems, laws, legal processes and procedures for a fundamental understanding of justice and the law.
  • Provide students with the written, oral, and research skills to communicate effectively in the legal environment and the critical legal reasoning skills to analyze laws and legal opinions.
  • Analyze and understand contemporary issues from an ethical, legal perspective.
  • Provide backgrounds in ethics, humanities, jurisprudence in order to make students effective advocates of social justice.

It should be made clear that this program is not intended to be a pre-law minor. Pre-law students should continue to receive advice from the pre-law advisers in their departments.