Latin American Studies

Program of Study

The Latin American Studies (LAS) minor fosters an understanding and appreciation of Latin American culture, society, and history. Loyola’s Latin American Studies program offers students the freedom to take classes in a wide variety of disciplines (Mass Communication, Sociology, History, Religious Studies, Spanish and Biology), as well as the flexibility to tailor their study to the specific aspects of Latin America which most interest them.

The LAS minor is an 18 credit hour (6 courses) program. The course requirements depend on the student's original level of placement in Spanish. Upon completing the program, the student will have both an ability to negotiate the Spanish language and an expertise in various other aspects of the continent’s make-up, such as history, politics, business, biology, religion, film, literature and philosophy. 


Program Outline

  • SPAN A200 Second-year Spanish I
  • SPAN A201 Second-year Spanish II
  • SPAN A300 Syntax & Composition or SPAN A301 Intensive Conversation
  • Latin American history or culture course (choose one course):
    • HIST A220 Latin America I
    • HIST A221 Modern Latin America
    • SPAN A350 Culture of Spanish America to 1850
    • SPAN A351 Culture of Spanish America from 1850
  • Latin American Studies-designated electives (2 courses) 


Program Resources



Study abroad substitutions

The Latin American Studies program strongly encourages students to participate in study abroad programs. Many of the course requirements may be fulfilled by taking similar courses in Latin American universities in conjunction with approved study abroad programs.

Language Requirement

We enthusiastically welcome students at all levels of Spanish ability: from students with absolutely no Spanish to completely fluent, native Spanish speakers. The course requirements differ because of the number of language classes that the new speaker of Spanish will need. In general the native speaker (or second-language speaker who has already attained a high level of competency) will take more classes from the Latin American Studies list of options, while the new speaker’s program will consist of more Spanish classes in the early semesters in order to achieve a competency in the major language of Latin America.

 To see the requirements for the Latin American Studies (LAS) major, please visit the Department of Languages and Cultures.