The following resources are available to all Film Studies students:

  • Film Buffs Work-Study Program
  • Our Facilities and screening rooms
  • Film Buffs Program’s three screening rooms: Bobet 332, Bobet 214, and Bobet 101
  • Film Buffs Program printed schedules listing all films to be screened by Film Buffs each semester. These printed schedules are available outside Bobet 334 (Film Buffs Program office) and throughout campus, including the front desk of each residence hall; all films are open to the public. They can also be mailed to you each semester; call the Film Buffs Program office (865-2152) to request that you be placed on the Film Buffs Program mailing list.
  • Film Studies Minor brochures. These brochures are available outside Bobet 334 (Film Buffs Program office), from the office of the College of Arts & Sciences (Bobet 202) and from Dr. Mary McCay (Bobet 314).
  • Monroe Library Extensive collection of DVDs and Film Studies texts.
  • Students who qualify for Work-Study employment at Loyola University may apply for work as projectionists in the Film Buffs Program. These students are recruited at the Summer Job Fairs, interviewed by the Director of the Film Buffs Program, and the Director makes final decisions about who will work as Film Buffs projectionists.
  • These screenings take place Monday through Thursday nights. Check in for a screening begins one hour before the film is to be screened. Most films at Film Buffs begin at 7:30. Students are thoroughly trained by the Director of the Film Buffs Program as well as mentored by returning, senior projectionists. In addition to screening and being on call for screenings, each Film Buffs projectionist has an additional program-related job to round out weekly work-study hours, such as updating the weekly voice message on the Film Buffs Program extension, 865-2152, giving the titles, times, and locations of films for the week at Film Buffs; and making sure Film Studies Program Semester Schedules and Film Studies Minor brochures are supplied to all brochure locations throughout the campus, including residence hall front desks, as well as other program-related work.
  • Students interested in working as Film Buffs Projectionists must first qualify as work-study students. See the Supervisor of Work-Study in Human Resources in Mercy 102.