Program of Study

The Film Studies minor is a 21 credit hour program that offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to the cinema. A wide variety of courses have been designated to participate in the Film Studies minor.

Through film analysis courses and screenings, students examine the history, theory, genres, art, and business elements of film. Digital media courses expand upon this foundation by combining analysis, theory, and the presentation of creative texts through digital media such as e-readers and social networking websites. Finally, through digital filmmaking courses, students experience the actual workings of the filmmaking process, from writing scripts with professional screenwriting software, to the mechanics of transferring those words to the screen, and editing images and sound into a compelling and functional storyline.

English courses taken to complete the Film Studies minor cannot be used in conjuntion with any English major.

Program Outline

  • 21 credit hours of courses that are eligible for the Film Studies minor
  • Some restrictions apply to courses from certain departments

Program Resources