Film Studies

Film at Loyola

Film Studies Minor classes offer a unique interdisciplinary approach to the cinema.

Through Film Studies analysis courses offered by the English Department and screenings provided by The Film Buffs Program, students examine the history, theory, genres, art, and business elements of film. Only slightly older than a century, this medium compels us to understand its extraordinarily complex integration of light, sound, and narrative.

Through the Digital Filmmaking courses, students experience the actual workings of the filmmaking process, from writing scripts with professional screenwriting software through the mechanics of transferring those words to the screen, and finally editing the images and sound into a compelling and functional storyline.
Courses in Digital Media expand upon the interdisciplinary approach to the cinema offered by the English Department by combining analysis, theory, and the presentation of creative texts through new digital media, such as e-readers, iPhone applications, and social networking sites. In this manner, by studying historic precedents, artistic intent, and then applying that knowledge to the creation of an entirely new work, Film and Digital Media students at Loyola University are given unique creative opportunities and valuable career experience.

Upcoming Events Sponsored by FilmBuffs

Join us for our weekly screenings, including The Friday Filmfests, where you can pick any movie to watch on the big screen! You can find out more about Film Buffs on their facebook page