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The Computational Science minor curriculum is designed to introduce students to the basics of computer programming and familiarize students with powerful computational software packages like Matlab and LabView. The minor in computational science also has an independent research component that affords the opportunity for students to engage in original research using advanced computational tools under the supervision of an interdisciplinary team of professors. 

About Computational Science
Program Requirements
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About Computational Science

If you are a biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, political science, or economics major, a computational science minor could give you the edge as you apply to graduate, medical, or professional school. It will also provide you with skills that will make you very appealing to prospective employers. Visual arts and mass communication majors could also greatly benefit from exposure to the computational tools provided by this minor.

Program Requirements

Computational Science is an interdisciplinary field of study at the intersection of applied mathematics, statistics, and the natural, cognitive, social and managerial sciences. The study of Computational Science provides a critical connection between mathematics and science

The minor in Computational Science will consist of 13 hours of core courses and 8 or 9 hours of courses (including at least 2 hours of research) selected from options designed to support students from a wide array of disciplines. The program will be administered by a committee consisting of one faculty member each from the departments of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Psychology.

Program Outline

  • MATH A211 Introduction to Programming I
  • MATH A257 Calculus I
  • MATH A271 Applied Scientific Computing
  • MATH A375 Computational Mathematics
  • Computational Science Options 1 - 4 (See detailed program requirements)

An itemized academic program listing and course requirements for Computational Science can be found in the University Bulletin.

Course Offerings

Students can use the Course Section Search on the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system to find courses that are eligible for the Computational Sciences program. Before declaring a Computational Science minor, please contact the program director. 


The Director of the Computational Science program is Jeremy Thibodeaux, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Participating faculty also include: 

Maria Calzada
Craig Hood
Michael Kelly
John Levendis
Martin McHugh
Ralph Tucci


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