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Language, history, culture

The Asian Studies Minor equips students with linguistic and cultural knowledge that will give them a professional advantage in a world that is increasingly shaped by Asian nations like China, India, and Japan.  The diverse course offerings within the minor foster a deeper understanding of cultures that offer alternative answers to the great questions of the humanities and social sciences, including perspectives that are often overlooked in traditional Western curricula.  The study of the history, philosophies, religions, languages, cultures, and political systems of Asian nations also gives students new insights into Western culture and leads them to an appreciation of the complexities of the social and political challenges in the world today.

The Asian Studies Minor offers courses in East Asian, South Asian, and Central Asian studies, anchored by language instruction in Chinese and Japanese.  Sanskrit and Uyghur languages are occasionally taught as well.  The minor allows students the flexibility to explore the interaction of various disciplines through courses chosen from the departments of Religious Studies, History, Languages and Cultures, Philosophy, and Sociology.  Students may concentrate on a particular area of Asia or focus on the interaction of multiple cultural spheres on the continent.

Recent course offerings include:

  • Punishment and Power in Modern Japan
  • Islam in China, China in Islam
  • Modern China
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Modern Japanese Culture  

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